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Senior Internal Communication Specialist



Posted on Friday, September 15, 2023
About the job

Job Responsibilities

  • Create an internal communications function that excels in every aspect, driving employee engagement, fostering connectivity and culture, and delivering positive outcomes for all functions within the organisation.
  • Develop communication materials to effectively convey key messages utilising a diverse range of approaches, including written communications, presentation materials, Zoom and other platforms, town halls, small group meetings, and more.
  • Ensure that communication messaging and resources are of high quality, accurate, relevant, and aligned with the organization's goals and culture.
  • Plan, edit, and craft content for diverse internal communication channels, including the company's internal wiki page, policy refreshers, and announcements. You might also need to focus on enhancing the content's layout.
  • Assist and advise the stakeholders on presentations for the organisational events, such as QuillBot all-hands meetings, etc.
  • Draft messages or scripts for the managers on terminations, exits, etc. in written or spoken form
  • Ensure internal communications messages are consistent across all mediums and for different departments of the organisation.
  • Based on the audience and context, revisit and revise the communication content.
  • Handle internal crisis communication responses for a range of issues and crises.
  • Work in close partnership with Human Resources, Marketing, Product, and Leadership to execute communication initiatives from concept to delivery.
  • Implement metrics to measure the effectiveness of internal communication channels and measure internal communications with the goal of continuously improving internal communications strategies to reach and engage employees.

Ideal Candidate

  • Eight or more years of experience writing in a corporate setting. You have managed a variety of corporate communications channels, such as corporate intranets, mobile, and internal social media channels.
  • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills, as well as the journalistic ability to source stories from employees. The ability to create and customise content for different target groups, showcasing a comprehensive grasp of messaging, positioning, and stakeholder requirements
  • Experience with public speaking, as you are likely to be called on to give presentations to employees. Internal communications managers must possess a keen understanding of the organization's vision, mission, and values, as well as the capability to effectively communicate and convey them to employees.
  • The candidate possesses exceptional interpersonal skills and demonstrates confidence in effectively connecting with and advising the leadership team